5 Steps on How to Escape the Stagnant Stage
August 10, 2019

Do you feel like there’s nothing happening in your life? like there’s no exciting milestone coming? Or you just simply notice you’ve been living a life in systems and a totally predictable day? Well, that feeling is truly valid. You’re in what I call the flatline. A crisis is about to erupt right inside you. It’s boredom to the highest form and when boredom strikes, you really have to fight back.

The very reason why you are in that feeling is that you simply stayed in your comfort zone. And staying in that safety bubble isn’t that bad, you just chose to be on the conservative side it’s just that, you can’t stay long on that stage. One must always grow for the purpose of learning, better survival and to dream bigger dreams not just for yourself but for others as well.

So here’s my version. A step-by-step guide on how to escape the stagnant stage for everyone should always yearn for growth!

1.Acknowledge the Feeling, Make It Valid

Everything starts with awareness. One should identify what seems to go wrong. Make time for yourself to do self-check. You have to learn the art of self-talk too. This time you have to focus on yourself and just try to concentrate on to why did you feel like you’re having a bland life? Recognize that you aren’t just bored, you are staying in somewhere of so long now. Learn more about your emotions, and read more about yourself by checking out this article from www.self.com

2. Identify Your Comfort Zone

Where are you exactly at? Literally and career-wise. Then ask yourself again, who created your comfort zone? Is it you or someone very important in your life or simply forced by circumstances? If it’s created by you alone, then great, easy to escape. But if not, do you enjoy staying in your safety bubble? Are you willing to take some risks? What is keeping you to hold on to that rail and just not let go and just conquer for more? To better help you with this step, check this great blog from Alison Cardy entitled 4 Signs You’re Stuck in Your Comfort Zone (And You Don’t Even Know It)

3. Evaluate Where You at Now

It is important to measure how happy you are at your current location. Are you still living with your parents? Do you still consider your current workplace a learning arena? Is your current city giving you all the opportunities to hone your talents even more? Think again. What we are doing is a total brain exercise wherein we have to check all our current physical and emotional state. Your local area also affects your decision making and you don’t even notice that. If your urban city hinders you from honing your analytical skills then you might consider living in the rural area and make something influential there. If you’re still clueless on this step, check this holiday blog that I think is applicable all-year ’round. Read 21 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community (and at Work) by Susan Steinbrecher

4. Form Your Dream Team for Your Dream Life

One of the prime reasons of why you are in your stagnant stage is because of the people you spend your time with. You may not even notice it but the conversations you make every single day, directly and indirectly, affect the way you think, the way you make your sub-conscious and conscious decisions. You have to evaluate your peers as well. It’s either they change you or you make your way to help them. If you are in a relationship, it’s important that you guys have an understanding where your life is headed to. If you are still living with your parents, your siblings, it is essential as well that your family knows what you want and that you support each other. Stagnant stage I believe comes with the people you are with every day. Build the team you want to be with as you escape your safety bubble.

5. Revive Your Dreams, Again

As I would always teach, go get your vision board and make it alive! If you have started it last January of this year, am pretty sure it got faded. Do the makeover it needs and relive the feeling of making bigger dreams. Truly, what made you feel like you are in your stagnant stage is because you paused on dreaming for more. Envision yourself again in another world, envision yourself again in your better state and make it come true! If you haven’t started with making your own vision board, Check our Vision Board Workshop schedules and see how I can help you.

Bottom line, individuals get stuck in their comfort zones because they chose to stay. What truly matters now is that we find ways on how to escape the feeling and to never stop yearning for more. This is Penny, This is #journeyto100000ph


Written by Penny Bongato
Penny Bongato is the author of the book Ask for a Bigger Blanket and Career Shift, Follow Your Passion. She is also the first Filipino Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and a Certified Canfield Methodology Trainer. She has trained more than 50,000 Filipinos on the success principles. She has also moderated several workshops and panel discussions.

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