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Be focused on reaching your goals. Transform your life today.
Feeling lost? No motivation to pursue your dreams? Don’t know where to start? Stuck in a rut?
We have all been there. Most of us have experienced that crippling feeling of uncertainty in our lives, no matter where you are in life at the moment.

The first step in combating this feeling? Recognize you have a problem.

The next step is allowing yourself to seek help from people who genuinely care and who have insightful experiences for them to share to you.

The time is now.
Don’t wait for life to happen to you, you are in charge of where it will take you. Now is the perfect time to turn your dreams into reality.
Find your way. Connect with me now.
Been there, done that.
You don’t have to be alone in this. You aren’t the only person who is experiencing all the chaos and confusion that are clouding your mind.

If you’re looking for that push to pursue what you have been wanting to do ever since, this is the sign. Are you lying to yourself and are pursuing something you don’t actually want? This is not the end zone. There’s more to life than making do of your situation.

Lose the manana principle. (Stop putting off what can be done now.)

Why choose me as your coach
With over 20 years of experience in human resources, Penny has a proven experience about how to deal with the following areas: success, career, corporate world, and life in general.
In August 2017, I was honoured to be invited by Penny to the book launch for her first book, Career Shift. She autographed my copy with “Dream big…!”
I read Penny’s book and reflected on my career and life. I was touched by Chapter One, “Is It Too Late?” and Chapter Five, “Paint Your Future.” Fast forward to a year later, I attended Penny’s Vision Board Workshop.

One day, I experienced a wake up call, when I was transported by ambulance from my workplace to the emergency room for the first time in my life. Soon afterwards, I took a courageous choice. I decided to shift back to my kinesthetic passion and shift forward to a niche in learning & technology. I am now celebrating my 15-year career as a STOTT PILATES Full Certified Instructor, and relishing my work in corporate training with e-Learning.

I have considered Penny as my mentor since 2011 when we started working together in Talent Development programs for nation-building. She has mentored me by example, by friendship, and even through her book. Every now and then, I revisit some chapters and some of my reflections. I am happy to say that my vision board is coming true step by step. I now have a lot of reasons to celebrate blessings quite often.

Thanks so much, Penny, for everything that you do and all that you are. Take heart that I am one of the first 100,000 lives that you have touched. I hope I can be of service to you as well. God bless you always!


– Regina De Los Reyes

“I have known Penny for about a decade now and have worked with her on several projects under talent development (iBPAP). On several occasions I have seen her impact as a speaker during industry conferences. She has likewise demonstrated keenness as a trainer and recently, as an author. Penny’s discipline for excellence in all projects she takes on is well-known in the industry and as a result, she has been a bankable speaker and advocate for education and social responsibility. It has always been a joy and a privilege to have worked with Penny on multiple projects for the IT-BPO.”



– Ofelia Montallana-Orcales, Vice Chairman, Philippine Society for Talent Development

“I have been quite privileged to work with Penny as she wore several hats. Initially, I had the opportunity to report to her where I was able to receive direct guidance as a recruiting manager in one of the largest BPO in the Philippines. Then, she was the main point of contact when she joined IBPAP and was invaluable in providing opportunities to the companies I was with for partnership for both association and national programs. I have been then lucky enough to be invited to chair a Human Capital project for IBPAP where I now had the advantage of learning from her consultative advice and unparalleled knowledge in the HR Shared Services industry. Lastly, Penny is an excellent personal mentor and coach. Her generosity to share what she knows, to open up about her personal success and challenges and to bring you into the world of true coaching makes her one of the most significant people I have ever met.”



– Aleth D., Life Coach, Public Speaker, HR Top Talent, Book Editor

“Penny is top notch global HR practitioner. She brings global best in-class insights on how to constantly develop and enrich the Filipino talent across the country as we partner being industry leaders in marketing the Philippines as a global IT-BPM destination of choice. She has burning passion and personal advocacy to help other people bring out their best to help others. She is one of those great people you get to meet in your lifetime.”



– Patrick Salazar, Director of Operations at Capital One

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