How Decluttering Can Lead You to Greater Goals
May 18, 2019

The culmination of the Lenten Season has given us a new start and even the coming of the second half of the year as it slowly unfolds now. Decluttering is and should be an integral part of your new beginnings.

But, what does it really cost to declutter? How can this help me have greater goals? Is it worth it?

Let me remind you of Marie Kondo. Her Konmari method as they have coined it has shared to the world the deeper sense of how her culture does the art of organizing. It teaches us not just about Japanese art itself but how the world can also adapt to this attitude of mindfulness.

On all parts of the world where Netflix can be reached, the spotlight has been steered to a Japanese lady consultant who’s been promoting the life-changing magic of organizing.

It truly is quite weird to think at first why one needs to have a consultant regarding this so-called – Organizing where in fact everyone should be practising it in there lives at the onset of the age of reasoning plus the fact that we all have our own ways of organizing things at our very own house. We have our own style.

Here are the key takeaways I learned and made me realize that I still have a big room of improvement in terms of organizing. I, too even at the peak of what I consider my success still have a lot to declutter.


1. Discover a Bigger Potential in You. 

The degree of cleanliness it implies to its watchers makes you ponder more on your current standards. This made me realize that your definition of success highly depends on the standards you set. If you have adjusted them well, you expand your vision. You expand the reach of your dreams. The bottleneck, the process itself of decluttering, piling up everything right in front of you and asking what really matters most will trigger a stronger sense of aiming bigger goals. You get to see what needs further improvement, you get to see yourself succeed. To begin on this decluttering mission, check this list of ways from Leif Walcutt about Decluttering Your Life to Increase Productivity.


2. You Get to Have a Greater Sense of Mindfulness

Decluttering your house is not sole responsibility, It is a team effort. You may be living alone and you may not see how ‘mindfulness of others’ work on that but the great effects of organizing your life to the highest level can affect how you treat others once you get out of your house and started socializing. Decluttering sends us an indirect message of what R-E-S-P-E-C-T really means. Respect begets respect and it is truly important in your way to your dreams that you have strong relationships strengthened by respect. Learn more about Decluttering Your Relationships on Kathleen Ventura’s blog.


3. Be Truly Mentally and Spiritually Focused.

I do pray, I meditate. But what’s lacking is the holistic approach. It made me realized that the environment I spend most of my time with helps a lot in training yourself to speak with your soul. Thanking not just everyone but everything around us has taught me that there is so much more to appreciate. It teaches sincerity. Thus, it touches the soul. It makes you understand things without the help of words. The Decluttering journey helps us overcome our emotional hurdles. John Eagan has shared us 4 Great Decluttering Success Stories we can all draw motivation to start the higher level of tidying -up. By the end of this journey, you can already see things even when you close your eyes. Literally and figuratively. There is a more profound feeling from deep within your core of how you should love yourself, the people around you, the things around you and the creator who made all these things possible. 

Again, it teaches us about the basics and not just the basics of living a truly satisfying life, but rather the fundamentals of success. It teaches us that clearing the physical clutter can free you up mentally. If you can produce ideas even in your cluttered room, what more if you have a truly tidy and exceptionally organized environment? You get success, on point. 

The process will always be worth it. 

Decluttering exercise touches your mind, body and soul in a deeper level. It is a holistic approach. To sum it up, It has helped me to develop a fresher mindset as I continue to envision for more higher goals for my #journeyto100000ph. 

Let all of us Filipinos adopt the positivity, calmness this basic lesson offers.

This is Penny. Share your decluttering story with me, and let me be of great help for you to be an inspiration for this phenomena.


Written by Penny Bongato
Penny Bongato is the author of the book Ask for a Bigger Blanket and Career Shift, Follow Your Passion. She is also the first Filipino Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and a Certified Canfield Methodology Trainer. She has trained more than 50,000 Filipinos on the success principles. She has also moderated several workshops and panel discussions.

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