How to Say Thank You and Get Appreciated
February 17, 2019

How many thank you’s have you said for this day?

How many were formed by habit?

How many were uncommonly delivered?

It has always been my advocacy to inspire others to have an optimistic view towards conquering everyday challenges and in aiming to ace every single goal. What comes in the beginning of it, in between and in every ending is this one – being grateful, learning how to say thank you in the most fitting manner.

It may be so odd to think, is there such a thing as appropriate thank you that any man can ever comprehend?

Let me make it clear.

I don’t believe anyone would be mad when someone says “Thank you.” Yes, he/she might wonder why but do you think that person would raise his voice and say, “Why are you saying thank you?”

Have you said thank you to the barista that served your coffee at McCafe? Have you ever said thank you to the lady who cleans the rest room at your office floor? Have you said thank you to the grab driver who brought you to your destination safely? If yes, what were there answer? I am sure it was a SMILE and another thank you to you.

Let me share with you an experience I had many years ago. 

In my previous company some decades back, I had a foreigner guest – Peggy was her name. American, tall lady. She wanted to experience a jeepney ride. I asked her “Are you sure? Are you sure?” She said, “when in the Philippines, do as the Filipinos do.”

So we did ride a jeepney at Arnaiz Ave, going to Ayala Center. 

The moment she said on her seat, the first words that she said was “This is my first jeepney ride! Thank you for this wonderful experience!”

The jeepney driver was surprised with her words. And guess what he said? “WELCOME to my jeepney and enjoy the ride! Salamat po! (Thank you!)”

So here are my three (3) notes for you on how to make each thank you count.

1. Be genuine.


Say thank you and mean it. Practicing uncommon appreciation really comes from the heart and not from the head. Many of us sometimes take things for granted. You need to understand that all of us need those words of appreciation. There may be people who haven’t received “thank you” for a long time and those words could even save them.

In saying those words, do it with meaning, with feelings. If it insincerely, the person will know and you as the giver will also not feel good.

2. Make It a Consistent Move.

Saying thank is is not an installment thing nor a one time big time shot. It is a continuous effort. It should be a habit. It should be part of your everyday routine that eventually will make you cringe. If you keep on forgetting, find ways not to forget it. I always say thank you, me being polite is an innate thing but saying it in an uncommonly way is unusual for me. And so I do write it in my daily planner. I set an alarm. Yes. It was my way before. Weird but it’s better than to let the day pass without thanking every individual who has helped me with my dream, my #journeyto100000ph. Thankfully, this is a habit now. Something uncommon was again uncovered. Study more about How to Start New Habits that Actually Stick at

3. Time to Self-Love.

At the end of the day, as part of the Canfield Success Principles, we (attendees of Jack Canfield’s program and trainers) were taught the “Mirror Exercise”. What is this mirror exercise?

Every evening, I would face the mirror (in my bathroom) and talk to myself. And these are the words I use (and taught to us in the success principles.)

“Hi, Penny! I appreciate you today (say my appreciation to myself). I especially loved the time when _______. Oh, and you were able to resist_______. I LOVE YOU!”

This is what I said to myself last night facing the mirror: (and hoping it doesn’t talk back 😊 ) Looking straight in the mirror, eye to eye.

“Hi Penny! I appreciate you today for being able to help others through coaching. And I believe you actively listened and appreciated them. You also said thank you so many times to your client who you saw yesterday. Oh, and you resisted the chicharon that was given to you knowing your cholesterol level is going up. I am proud of you. And most especially, I want you to remember that I love you.”

At first I felt weird doing this. At first, I was looking at all the flaws in my face — “Oh no! My wrinkles are showing. Need to go to the salon since my gray hair is showing too! Oh no! I am gaining weight.” And all the other “wrong” things I see in myself. Now, I realize I need to appreciate and love myself even more. 

You have your very own self to love and give back to the person behind all these dreams soon to come true. Love yourself. You should always, always , always thank yourself for being strong, for staying sane, for being great and for aiming for the best. Self love is Self care and Self care is loving others as well.

Make it a habit to affirm.

Through this, all the positivity is ready to radiate the next morning you wake up. Thank yourself, you did it once again. Appreciate your self even more. Read this blog post by Alexandra Harra about the Art of Self Love.

May all these notes ignite that thankful soul in you.

Share your journey to me on your way to being a truly grateful individual. This is Penny, this is #journeyto100000ph and together, let’s inspire others to do the same.



Written by Penny Bongato
Penny Bongato is the author of the book Ask for a Bigger Blanket and Career Shift, Follow Your Passion. She is also the first Filipino Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and a Certified Canfield Methodology Trainer. She has trained more than 50,000 Filipinos on the success principles. She has also moderated several workshops and panel discussions.

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