Mastermind Your Way to Success

Plan. Execute. Achieve your goals.
This program has been designed to guide participants to get from where they are to where they want to be based on Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. It is an excellent program to focus on your objectives and how you can reach their personal and corporate objectives. You can put these principles into practice by taking on greater challenges and produce immediate results.
The principles to be covered in these workshops are:
Take 100% responsibility for your life
You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. – Jim Rohn If you want to be successful, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything that you experience in your life. You have to give up all your excuses, all blaming and complaining. You will learn E+R=O. Event + Response = Outcome. You can blame the event € for your lack of results (O). However, you can instead simply change your response (R) to the event (E ) until you get the outcomes (O) you want. This is the most important principle which can change your life.
Unleash the Power of Goal Setting
Having goals and writing your goals will change your life.  Experts on the science of success know the brain is a goal-setting organism. Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work on in night and day to achieve. So, when we set goals and read our goals often, the subconscious mind works on achieving them. A goal is a dream with a deadline. One way or another, consciously or unconsciously all of us have goals. If you are dreaming, might as well dream big. Write your goals for the different aspects of your life: career/ business/ job; financial, relationships, health and fitness; fun and recreation; personal and contribution. In this workshop, you will be guided in writing your goals and creating a breakthrough goal. A breakthrough goal is a goal that once you achieve it will quantum leap your life. My goal was to write and publish my book. My book, Career Shift Follow Your Passion was launched in August 2017 and now has significantly changed my life. I have given talks related to my book, my most significant one was at Bro Bo Sanchez’ Kerygma Conference 2017. “Is it time to Shift Careers”. In this workshop, you will get to write your breakthrough goals and your other goals.
Believe It’s Possible. Believe in Yourself.
Believing in yourself is an attitude. Believing in yourself is a choice. It is an attitude that you develop over time. There was a time in my life that I felt I was not good enough. I always beat myself up and say that I can do better even if I did well already. When we were growing up, many of us may have heard, “You can’t do that. It’s too hard.” And then you believe what other people say about you. We have developed limiting beliefs and negative conditioning happened when we were growing up. But remember, the past is the past. Today can be different. It’s now YOUR responsibility to take charge of your own self -concept and your beliefs. You must choose to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to- anything at all – because in fact, you can. I am an engineer by education. I would rather solve math problems than read a book. And a friend of mine, Susan Vidal, said I can write a book!  I had a chat with her at our office pantry and with a table napkin, she wrote “Book authored by Penny Bongato”. When she wrote that, I laughed (without sound and internal laughter). I said to myself, “Me? Write? I can’t do that. I don’t know how.” Years later (2 years), I launched my book, Career Shift Follow Your Passion. I was able to do it!  I realized if others can, so can I. Identify a limiting belief that you want to change. Determine how the belief limits you. Decide how you want to be, act or feel. Create a turnaround statement that affirms or gives you permission To be, act or feel this new way. – Jack Canfield, The Success Principles
The Power of Affirmation and Visualization
Imagination is everything. It is the preview of Life’s coming attraction. –  Albert Einstein Visualization may be the most underutilized success tool. Visualization greatly accelerates the achievement of any success. What is visualization? It is the act of creating compelling and vivid pictures in your mind. So think of your goals. And in your mind, picture yourself already achieving the goals. Visualization attracts to you the people, the resources, and opportunities you need to achieve your goal. When you visualize your goal as already happening each and every time, it may create a conflict in your subconscious mind between what you are visualizing and what is reality. However, the subconscious mind is so powerful that it resolves that conflict by turning your current reality into the new and exciting vision, the achievement of your goal. In this module, you will experience visualization and how it works, in simple exercises. What if you visualize your goals as already complete, already happening? How does it look like? How does it feel like? How does it taste like? Affirming your goals as if they were happening now is another powerful tool to make your goals a reality. Instead of just visualizing, affirming it happening makes it even more real.
What is an affirmation?
Affirmation is the the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.” These are statements of your goals happening at the moment. Affirmations create the positive energy and propels the subconscious to do more and attract more of your goals to come true. In this workshop, you will learn how to write affirmation statements. Say your goal is to run a full marathon. An affirmation statement is: I am happy and grateful that I am now crossing the finish line of the Milo marathon on July 2019 and I feel the sweat dripping across my face, my shirt all wet yet the feeling of excitement of finally completing my first full marathon. I am truly happy. Affirmation statements together with the visualization and if you can do a vision board, truly propels both conscious and subconscious mind to achieve the goals that you have set. I am going to make you so proud – Note to self
Take Action
Don’t wait until you are ready to take action. Instead, take action to be ready. – Jensen Siaw Even though we visualize daily, affirm daily, know our goals by heart but if we don’t take action, you will not be closer to your goal. When you take action, you trigger all kinds of things that will inevitably carry you to success. You let others know that you are really serious in achieving your goals and people will start paying attention. What’s most interesting is that people with similar goals become aligned with you. You begin to learn from the experiences of others and that things that once appeared difficult begin to be easier. You begin to attract people who support you and encourage you.  Things begin to flow in the right direction because you take action. If you intent to achieve your goals and be successful, you have to have an action oriented mindset. When I first decided that I will write, publish and launch my book by August 2017, I had no idea where to begin. I began with a book cover with my first title (which I didn’t use). One morning I woke up to do my meditation and I heard a whisper “Career Shift Follow Your Passion”. Wow! I love that title. And then what!  I started writing my stories – from engineering to marketing to logistics to customer service to human resources. From a cement industry, to a fast moving consumer group company, to contact center, financial services company, education (as a teacher) and advocacy work. What next? I started telling people I am writing a book and low and behold people wanted to help me! I met Sha Nacino, author of several books and a book coach who gave me some advice, Doc Dean Pax Lapid who introduced me to Thinkhub Publishing and met the most amazing millennial team who helped me with my book. Was it easy? No. I knew my limitations. However, I knew my goal and I was so determined to achieve my goal on my target date. I took action. I read the book, “Miracle Morning for Writers” by Hal Erod and this really gave me the discipline to write every day. I took action. I was focused. I wanted to reach my goal. What 5 things can you do today to take you closer to your goal? Just five things. Personal Power is the ability to take action. – Tony Robbins
Ask, Ask, Ask
Asking is one of the most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness. If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, you should not be afraid to ask for help, ask for advice, share your goals with someone else because that person might be able to help you. Why are People afraid to ask? People are afraid to ask for many reasons such as looking needy, looking foolish and looking stupid. Most special people are afraid to ask because of fear of rejection and failure. They are afraid of hearing “no” for an answer. What’s the work that can happen when you ask? The worst answer is a “no”.  So what happens when you get a “no”? Nothing really. You started with nothing and when you get a no, you still do not have anything. However, what if, the answer to the question is “yes”? They your question has been answered positively. Nothing is really lost and everything to gain when you ask. So ask. Let me give you a simple example and a once in a life time example. My daughter wanted to watch the DLSU-AdMU UAAP championship basketball game season 78 in 2017. The game was in MOA Arena. Mikee asked me if I can find some tickets for her since it was extremely difficult to get tickets from DLSU nor Ateneo (of which schools I graduated from). So I had an idea. My former officemate is now an executive at PLDT and they have a suite (box) at MOA Arena. Knowing the success principles of Ask, Ask, Ask – that’s basically what I did. I asked. Remember if he said no, I wont’ have tickets and in the first place, I really didn’t have tickets. So I wanted. Mitch calls me and said “Penny, you can get the tickets from my office. I have 2 tickets for you.” “Yay!  Two tickets!” so I told my daughter and she was very happy. However, Mikee said, “can you ask more than 2 tickets?” and the crazy me went back to Mitch and said “Can I have more than 2?” and the text message said, “hahaha! I will try.” After a hours, I received another text message, “You can get it from my office.”  I wonder, how many? So when Isabel gave me the tickets in a sealed envelope, I went out of the building, tore the envelope open and started counting, “1,2…. 3, 4.” And I stopped. There were tickets, “5, and 6!” Six tickets!  All I did was ask! The big story – when I was writing my book, I was talking to my coach and I asked my coach, who would be good to ask to write the foreword. And Coach Margit said, “Why don’t you ask Jack?” Oh yeah! Why not Jack Canfield? So I emailed Ronnie, Jack’s assistant and asked. And she said she’ll ask Jack. And guess what! Jack said yes! Foreword by Jack Canfield. And Bro Bo Sanchez agreed to write a testimonial!  How can it get better than that! And again, all I did was ask. And the answers to my questions were YES!!! And I still have so many stories about asking. I felt that in 2017, 90% of the questions I ever asked, the answer was YES! Why is this so? In this workshop I will teach you how to ask for what you want. Ask repeatedly. And ask Jerry and Ester Hicks wrote, “Ask and it shall be given.” Remember, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking!
Reject Rejection
Rejection is a myth. Many of us do not like to take action because we fear rejection. Some say that rejection lowers our self esteem, our self-confidence. However, rejection truly is a part of life, a lesson in life. Rejection happens to everyone so instead of viewing rejection as a negative action, learn to reject rejection. Every time we hear a “NO”, we should say “NEXT”. Remember what financial advisors and those who give flyers for condos do? They receive so many rejections yet some of the financial advisors are members of MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). Do you think  they achieved that the first time? No, they did not but they pursued. Each time you receive a rejection, just say NEXT. Remember some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting. SWSWSWSW.
Ask and Respond to Feedback
Ask always. Sometimes you don’t know that after 100 tries, the next person will say yes.  And in order for you to improve yourself, ask and solicit feedback. Many of us are afraid to ask feedback because of self doubt and what will other people say. Remember, feedback is a gift. Feedback is a mirror. If someone give you feedback, that means he cares. Be careful with feedback also. Distinguish authenitic and real feedback. Remember, if one person call you as horse, he must be lying. If 5 people call you a horse there is a consipirancy. If 100 people call you a horse, you better by a saddle. Look closely. Be open to feedback. People can tell you if you are on course to your destination, to your goal or if you are off course to your destination, which means you need to make adjustments.
Practice Persistence with Patience
Never give up. Michael Jordan and other prayers have take game giving shots and missed, not once but many time yes they do not give up. They continue to practice. If we really want something, we need to practice really hard and be patient. Remember, the universe rewards action and action needs persistency and determination.
Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Being grateful is a blessing.  Be grateful for what you really have. The more grateful you are the more blessings come your way. Lastly Celebrate your success, not matter how big or how small. A success is a step towards your goal so keep on moving. Sooner rather than later, you will once day realize that your dreams have come true. Because you decided what you want, you took 100% responsibility, you affirst and visualized but most importantly you take action. You never give up. You ask, ask , ask , ask, ask until you become what they call as an ASKHOLE. I know. I am one. Always know what you want and keep focused and pursue your dreams. Practice this principles and I promist you, your dreams will definitely come true. My dreams did. If I can, so you can. So can the others. As long as you don’t let go.
What others are saying
The people have spoken. These are what they have been saying ever since they have spent a tiny chunk of their time with me:
I would rate the training 10. I realized so many things as far as my personal success is concern. I am also encouraged to have my own visual board so I can keep track of what I would want to achieve. It is inspiring to see people achieve their goals and indeed, if they can, why can’t I. – Dorina Corpuz (Shang Properties Inc,  July 12, 2018)
Ms. Penny brought us out of our shell and made us participate even though we/I am shy or hesitant at first. Her energy and passion really encouraged me to participate, engage and learn. – Thea Serquina (Shang Properties Inc, July 12, 2018)
This workshop is superb! We really know what our goals are but sometimes we forget. Ms. Penny helped me to remember and how to keep my focus, and open up to the people enough to share my goals or dreams to others without being ashamed. I’d rate this workshop a 10! – Almalyn Bautista (Teledevelopment, Mar 22, 2018)
The workshop is very engaging, it also made us reflect of our current goals and how I am going to make one step at a time to achieve it. – Fely Almoguera (Shang Properties Inc,  July 12, 2018)
Hi, Ms. Penny, I would rate this workshop 10/10 because it is very helpful for me. I am only at the beginning of my career but because of this workshop, I now know how I can be successful not only in career but also in life. – Val Benedictine Rafael (Teledevelopment, Mar 22, 2018)
I’m so happy for this training and sana magamit ko ito sa work place ko and sa bahay ko and maituro ko sa mga anak ko. Thanks for this training. – Jun Abaling (Club Paradise – July 24, 2018)
Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to be facilitated by you Ms Penny and Ms Joy. This is a life changing experience for me. – Cam Bayot (Club Paradise) – July 24, 2018
The workshop is very interactive and helpful. The trainers Ms. Penny and Ms. Joy are inspiring and positive. I would love to undergo another workshop with them again soon. After the training, I feel more determined and motivated to achieve my goals. – Eileen Fajutag – Pitogo (Club Paradise – July 24, 2018)
Thank you for being with us in two consecutive days to share and help us how to reach our goals in the future and how to appreciate all the things that our fellow made for us even in small ways. We do hope that you will also meet and help millions of people. Thank you. – Raffy Lotilla (Club Paradise, July 24, 2018)
Thank you Ms. Penny! I really learned a lot. A lot of insights and learnings, as well as techniques. I came out of this workshop looking at things from a new perspective. – Luis Chikiamko (Discovery Group, July 18, 2018)
Perfect 10! I feel renewed! Excited to see the success of all the members of the team on all aspects of their lives! I’ll be happy to hear that they will achieve their dreams and goals. Personal and professional. This is a great training, I commit to spread the word!!! – Judy Whisenhunt (Teledevelopment,  Mar 22, 2018)
I rate 10 this workshop. I have learned a lot of things especially the strategy of how to become successful in terms of career; possible next step: create a vision board. – Michelle Solano (Teledevelopment, Mar 22, 2018)
This workshop is very helpful not only on our careers but also to our personal lives. I have learned so much from the workshop. And I hope that I can apply all the learnings I got from this. Thank you Ms. Penny. – Vinn Reosia (Teledevelopment,  Mar 22, 2018)
I rated this workshop as 10. I am so honored and grateful for being a part of this workshop and imparting us this once in a lifetime activity. It really helps me how to motivate myself and my goals in life and to thank you for being a part of my success. – Phillip Lim Sulit (Teledevelopment, Mar 22, 2018)
Very insightful. Real-life experiences are shared that made the session all the more meaningful. Ms. Penny Bongato is one great facil-speaker who inspires and moves audience to reflect and take action on their goals. – Ria Penalosa (Teledevelopment, Mar 22, 2018)
No more roadblocks
Getting from one point to another may sound easy in theory, but in reality, there will be roadblocks ahead of you. Don’t get lost in the middle of your journey. Through this workshop, you will be able to define your focus well, set your objectives properly, and eventually reach the results you want. The choice is yours. Attend my workshop and I’d be here to help.