Career Shift

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“Career Shift” is a motivational workbook that has one goal-to guide you in following your passion. The book takes you through three phases of self-discovery and self-awareness. The first phase challenges your mindset and urges you to wake up from your misconceptions about career change. Find answers to the questions you’ve been repeatedly asking yourself. “Is it too late?” “Is it too risky?” Phase two encourages you to gain clarity. Discover or rediscover what you want in live. Search for answers within yourself, but don’t forget to set your sights beyond your comfort zone. The third phase emboldens you to take control. How? Go after and do what actually makes you happy. Realize your own process and find out for yourself how to go about the career shift towards your own happiness. The ultimate purpose of this book is for you to be happy. FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. MAKE YOUR SHIFT.

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Here’s what you’ll find while and after reading my book:

* Find a good sense of self-awareness and enlightenment

* Eliminate the feeling of self-doubt; no more “what if’s”, “it’s too risky”, or “it’s too late”

* Take control of your life and pursue your passion – do what makes you happy.