Vision Board Workshops

Dream High. Dreams Do Come True.
Let’s create the life you want. It’s true what they say, when you envision it, the more you get closer to your goals. Find out how to make your inspirations tangible and achievable. Let your ideas be able to manifest into fruition.

The power of visualization. Know the magnitude of creating your own vision board and how curating one can actually help you in reaching your personal and career goals. Find out how I do it and hopefully how this can also work for you in the long run.

What is a vision board?
A vision board doubles as a person’s dream boat that is composed of cutouts, images, pictures, quotations with respect to their dreams, aspirations, and desires.
Why create a vision board?
Are you familiar with the saying, “Fake it till you make it?”

The purpose of creating a vision board is a lot like that, once you have a concrete proof of what you are visualizing in your head, the more you get attracted into putting these goals and dreams into fruition.

What others are saying
The people have spoken. These are what they have been saying ever since they have spent a tiny chunk of their time with me:
This program is definitely a 10! Absolutely inspiring and it helped me realize that I have a “million dreams that are keeping me awake”! I am really looking forward to achieving my goals and ticking off my bucketlist one by one. So grateful to know the secrets behind making your goals a success!

– Monique Estrella (Vision Board Workshop, May 2018)

This session is very helpful especially now at my age where I am struggling on what job I want to have, I have a lot of goals but always afraid on the outcome of my action, through this session I somewhat become at east and have a more clear ideas on what I should be doing in my life. hoping to hear more from you Ms. Penny. Thank you for this day. You inspired me. God bless you more!

– Lady Armie Olaes (Vision Board Workshop, May 2018)

Thank you very much Ms. Penny! I am happy and grateful to know you because you’re a source of inspiration for me. I am happy and grateful for this workshop in Goal Setting and Vision Board because now I am closer to my goals and I get to prioritize, specify those goals. I am looking forward joining in your future workshops/training and I hope and pray to have you as my MENTOR. =) God Bless po!

– Diah Abida (March 2018)

The intention is clear. This is to hep every Filipino to dream and achieve their goals. Very organized. The video is moving! Ms. Penny is really a good speaker. Her intentions to the Filipino people — to be successful in their lives. Dream Big. Be Fearless.

– Kristopher dela Cruz (Vision Board Workshop, August 2018)

Having attended this workshop, it solidified and allowed me to turn my goals into a working reality. I’m excited for the possibilities ahead and what stuck with me is that “I am not special but I am determined” Thank you for the opportunity.

– Natalia Maristela (Vision Board Workshop, August 2018)

Visualize with me
For sure, you have an idea about how to create your own vision board. But an idea without a proper visualization wouldn’t just cut it anymore. Find out the power of visualization with me – there’s no better time than now. Anyone who dreams of something can turn these dreams into reality.

Take a step forward with me now.

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